Serving the Maritime community since 1976

From aft to stern or from provisions to paint; you can count on finding it here at SVB Service GmbH. Our buyers have extensive experience and will ensure you will get the right item quickly onboard.
Our offices in Emden, on the German coast, are ideally located to reach most any German, Netherlands or Belgium harbor within a few short hours drive and deliveries to any European port are easily organized.
Emergency, Holiday, and last minute orders are not a problem as we are on call 365 days a year to ensure that you have the shortest turnaround from order approval to delivery.

We specialize in specialties
We understand that crews come from every nationality and that finding specific items from home can greatly improve crew moral. That is why we will go to great lengths to ensure we find you exactly what you need. From Argentina Steaks, “Tilda” rice, Gatorade, or Vegemite to spare engine parts, ball bearings, or gaskets we will turn over every stone to ensure your needs are met. We carry over 4000 items in our warehouse daily so that the most common items are immediately available and can be delivered within hours when necessary.

Owners Logistic and Offshore Services
We have a dedicated customs warehouse where we will be happy to accept your T1 merchandise, parts and spares. Use our online portal to track your parts and supplies and have us deliver them as needed to any world port with customs papers completed; or utilize our freight forwarding service to ensure your orders reach you whenever and wherever you want them. It’s your choice.

  • What

    general stores
    technical spares
    owners logistics

  • Where

    all european ports




Ships Pharmacy and medical


Safety equipment

electrician testing industrial machine


orange lifeboat

Lifeboat, liferaft certification parts and suppliers


Galley equipment and service

Welder with sparks

Weld testing

Spare parts

Spare parts both OEM and generic


Owners Logistic


Freight and part forwarding services


Charts and navigation


Engine room cleaning supplies


(including generators, welders, cranes, small hand tools, etc.)


Cabin stores